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BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 10: Rachel Sennott attends the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted … [+] By Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 10, 2024 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/WireImage)
Another week being a Netflix NFLX subscriber means you have another week of great new films to choose from—and the past two weeks since my last update have been no different. As March nears its end, we look back at the best and most exciting movies that have graced the platform this month. This stellar lineup includes a political biopic that reminds the world of an important Black figure, a satiric horror flick that examines Gen Z hang-ups, and an Irish-themed rom-com that blends love with fantasy. And this is just a small part of March’s best movie offerings.
So let’s take a look at that list. Below in the first section, you’ll find my picks for the ten best movies to grace Netflix thus far in March. Then at the bottom of the article, you’ll find a full list of every single new movie that’s been added to Netflix over the past 22 days. I think you’ll find your next movie night watch—and possibly a new favorite—in this bunch.
With Shirley, director John Ridley and Academy Award winner Regina King team up to celebrate the historic campaign of Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman to run for the Democratic presidential nomination. Set in 1972, the film chronicles Chisholm’s incredible quest, bringing her undeniable role as a pioneer in American politics to the thousands of Netflix subscribers who have likely never heard her name. By highlighting Chisholm’s determination and the challenges she faced, this biopic aims to offer inspiration through her notable perseverance and groundbreaking achievements.
Arguably the biggest sleeper hit of 2022, Bodies Bodies Bodies is a twisted and deliciously comedic horror film, directed with fervor by the fresh-faced director Halina Reijn. It features a young, dynamic cast that creates an entertaining microcosm of Gen Z anxieties, including Amandla Stenberg, Rachel Sennott, Maria Bakalova, Lee Pace, and Pete Davidson. The story centers on a group of wealthy friends who get sucked into a terrifying game of “Bodies Bodies Bodies” gone awry during a hurricane party at a remote mansion. As the night unfolds, people’s true natures are revealed, blending satire with slasher elements to critique modern-day friendships and social hang-ups.
With her second Netflix rom-com, Lindsay Lohan shines as Maddie Kelly in Irish Wish, playing a woman caught in a magical conundrum involving love and a bit of Irish-themed chance. This romantic comedy, directed by Janeen Damian and penned by Kirsten Hansen, explores the whimsical chaos that ensues when Maddie’s deepest desire transports her into an alternate reality: as a bridesmaid in Ireland for her best friend’s wedding to the man she loves, Maddie’s impulsive wish catapults her into a new life where she becomes the bride-to-be. This sudden reversal of roles triggers a journey of self-discovery that showcases the complexity of true love.
Directed by Rory Karpf, the 30 for 30 documentary from ESPN I Hate Christian Laettner dissects the polarizing figure of the eponymous Christian Laettner, one of college basketball’s most iconic and notorious players. This fascinating documentary peels back the layers of Laettner’s public image, examining the roots of the widespread animosity he faced. Through interviews, archival footage and expert commentary from sports enthusiasts entrenched in the controversy in real time, the film delves into common themes of the sports realm: privilege, perceived arrogance, and the intense pressures of sportsmanship. This doc presents a compelling narrative that challenges viewers to reconsider their preconceptions of athletes and the complexities of fame.
On the Line, directed by Romuald Boulanger, is an underrated, effective thriller centered around an intense performance delivered by Oscar winner Mel Gibson. He plays a radio host caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse when a caller threatens to kill his family and himself on air. The film’s tension is seamlessly crafted through Boulanger’s proficient use of confined spaces and real-time storytelling, creating a claustrophobic atmosphere that continually amplifies the suspense with every twist and turn in the story. This high-stakes narrative, which explores the unseen dangers lurking within the anonymity of the airwaves, challenges our concept of responsibility and redemption in clever, exciting ways.
With Netflix’s biggest rising star Millie Bobby Brown at the helm as Princess Elodie, Damsel embarks on a genre-defying journey. Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, this modern update of fairy tales transcends the clichés of princess narratives, grappling with betrayal when her betrothal to a prince (played by Nick Robinson) leads to a draconian sacrifice. Co-starring an absolutely unstoppable all-star cast that includes Angela Bassett and Robin Wright, Damsel reinvents the “damsel in distress” trope. With a dragon awaiting and her fate seemingly sealed, Elodie must summon her strength to forge her own destiny, challenging the conventions of her world—and ours.
A romp that will likely appeal to any fans of Knives Out, the Indian Hindi-language film Murder Mubarak unravels a murder mystery within the confines of the elite Royal Delhi Club. The investigation, led by assistant commissioner of police Bhavani Singh (played by Pankaj Tripathi), takes viewers through a labyrinth of secrets and lies as we slowly but surely inch towards the truth. As our detective delves deeper, he uncovers a web of blackmail and betrayal linked to the club’s murdered fitness coach, Leo. With each clue, he exposes the dark underbelly of society’s upper echelons, played entertainingly by a stellar cast that includes Sara Ali Khan, Vijay Varma, and Dimple Kapadia. All in all, Murder Mubarak combines suspense with a critique of social hierarchies, keeping viewers guessing until the final reveal.
Mister America, directed by Eric Notarnicola and starring Tim Heidecker, marks a great modern entry into the mockumentary genre. Heidecker hilariously plays a version of himself running for district attorney in an absurdly ill-fated campaign, following an acquittal in an absurd murder trial that results from his web series On Cinema at the Cinema. The film cleverly satirizes the American political landscape, blending cringe comedy with a poignant critique of political amateurism and ego-driven campaigns (sound familiar?). Through its faux-documentary style, Mister America engages in a nuanced dialogue about the nature of justice, ambition, and the American dream—all while delivering constant laughs and unforgettable moments.
Andragogy, Wregas Bhanuteja’s vibrant exploration of ethics, social media, and the perils of public opinion, stars Sha Ine Febriyanti as Prani, a teacher whose integrity is put to the test. The film delves into the chaos unleashed by a viral video, challenging Prani’s reputation and aspirations. Through a lens of vivid colors and whimsical music, Bhanuteja crafts a narrative that questions the wisdom of our digital era’s snap judgments and the impacts of cancel culture. As Prani navigates the turmoil, Andragogy serves as a mirror to our society’s quickness to condemn, reminding viewers of the complexities behind our screens.
Spaceman, directed by Johan Renck, introduces Adam Sandler in a role that veers from his comedic roots into a realm of deep space solitude. As Jakub, Sandler embodies an astronaut caught in a reflective journey at the solar system’s edge, bringing a new layer to his range of dramatic skills previously seen in films like Punch-Drunk Love and Uncut Gems. Jakub’s mission of research turns personal as he confronts the reality of his crumbling marriage to Lenka (played by Carey Mulligan). Amidst the stars, he encounters a cosmic entity, voiced by Paul Dano, which offers him a chance to mend his fractured life. This story weaves a tale of isolation, redemption, and the unexpected companionships formed in the vastness of space.







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