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“it’s Ryan Gosling, and he’s a…farmer?” the April 6 SNL Host guessed about The Notebook. 
Kristen Wiig has starred in comedy classics like Bridesmaids and Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, yet the Saturday Night Live alum has completely missed some of the biggest movies in Hollywood history.
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Wiig appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on March 20 to discuss her new Apple TV+ series Palm Royale, and she reminisced about her SNL days with Host Jimmy Fallon. Wiig is returning to Studio 8H on April 6, to host SNL for the fifth time.
While praising Wiig for her brilliant sketch ideas, Fallon mentioned an idea she had backstage at The Tonight Show: Guessing plots to movies she’s never seen.
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“There’s a lot of classic movies that I haven’t seen, that I’m embarrassed that I haven’t seen,” Wiig admitted. “And I thought maybe we could give each other a list of those movies and try to think of what the movie’s about.” 
“I apologize to the filmmakers on the list,” she added, as Fallon took out a notecard filled with movie titles to quiz her on.
First up is the 2004 romantic tearjerker, The Notebook, which Wiig knows stars Ryan Gosling. That’s where her knowledge pretty much ends.
“I know it’s Ryan Gosling and he’s a farmer? I know he falls in love with Rachel McAdams,” she said. “And she’s rich, and not allowed to love him, and then he dies? Is that right?”
“How does the notebook come into play?” asked Fallon.
“Does she write in a journal?” Wiig guessed. Pretty good! 
What about Avatar? “I know they’re like aliens… underwater? And they try to save their planet?” recalled Wiig. “They’re trying to save their planet from a bad person.”
“That’s kind of it,” said Fallon, who doesn’t have the heart to tell her that she’s really describing the sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water.
Fallon then has Wiig describe two big film franchises: Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey. For Twilight, she at least knows it’s about vampires, and that one of them falls in love with Kristen Stewart.
“They fall in love, and something is going on in the town. There’s a werewolf that she also loves, and there’s a big fight?” Wiig is not wrong. Plus, she even knows Jacob is the name of the werewolf, so she gets points for that.
For Fifty Shades she said, “I do know it’s a very sexy movie. So his character’s rich, and then he meets her, and then he ties her up. And then they get married, and then he’s like… in trouble?”
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Then it’s Fallon’s turn to describe plots to movies he hasn’t seen, and we’re guessing he doesn’t tune into TCM a lot because they’re classics like The Philadelphia Story, Meet Me in St. Louis, and The Grapes of Wrath
“Don’t judge us,” Wiig pleaded to the audience. Some of the movies she missed out on were released during her years on SNL, so she has a good excuse for not making it her local multiplex every week. At least she can always stream Fifty Shades of Grey on Peacock.
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