Sean Ono Lennon Talks Sam Mendes’ Beatles Movies and Who He Wants to Play John: ‘I’m Hoping That Emma Stone Might Consider It’ – Variety

By Caroline Brew
Sean Ono Lennon gave his thoughts on Sam Mendes‘ upcoming Beatles movies while chatting with Variety’s Marc Malkin at the Oscars during Variety On the Carpet presented by DIRECTV.
Mendes plans to make four films, with each one told from a different member’s point of view. “That’s the minimum you need to cover the epic story of The Beatles. You need four films,” Ono Lennon said.
As for who he hopes will play John Lennon, Ono Lennon had a very specific (and surprising) actor in mind.
“I’m hoping that Emma Stone might consider it because she did such a good job in ‘Poor Things.’ I think if you’re gonna reach that as an actor, the next obvious step is to really go for it and be John Lennon,” he quipped.

On a more serious note, Ono Lennon reflected on the difficulty of pulling off a film about a public figure as well known as his father.
“I do think with someone as famous as my dad, it’s very hard to cast a film like that. There have been some very successful biopics about music people. ‘La Vie en Rose’ was incredible. ‘Ray’ was amazing. You can pull it off, and I think we’re gonna do a good job, so I’m excited,” he said.
When asked about his involvement in the film, Ono Lennon joked, “I’m the DP. I’m the grip. And I’m also catering, which you wouldn’t expect that, but I’ll be cooking up a storm.” He also joked that he’d be playing his mom.
Ono Lennon’s “War Is Over! Inspired by the Music of John & Yoko” is nominated for animated short film. “War Is Over” follows two soldiers on opposite sides of a battle playing chess while communicating through carrier pigeon.
“It’s really surreal because we made the film just trying to do honor and tribute to my parents and the song they wrote. We never thought it was gonna wind up being nominated and that we’d be here,” Ono Lennon said.
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