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Welcome back to my Home Movies! Today, we have a pair of franchises getting the box set collection treatment. One is The Expendables franchise, which is what is. The other, which easily is my top pick this week, is Saw. Yes, all ten of those films are together for the first time! What else is hitting shelves? Read on to find out…
Joey’s Top Pick
Saw 10-Film Collection
By now, you all know that I love Saw, with every film in the series having its own worth. The movies are one of the most interesting to contemplate in horror, so having a complete collection (until the next one comes out) is a nice little joy for fans. I wrote here about the franchise when ranking all ten, and that list includes a high placement for the most recent installment, Saw X. I had the following to say about that one here in my review last year:
The Saw franchise has shown incredible life over the years. What was just a small independent horror film has now become one of the biggest properties in the genre. After going nonstop for over half a decade, there were pauses, but it always comes back to Saw. While both Jigsaw and Spiral: From the Book of Saw weren’t quite able to relaunch it back to its horror heights (though the latter is one of the best films they’ve done), Saw X has a great chance to do it. By going back to its roots, namely with the return of Tobin Bell, this is what many have been asking for. The results are deeply satisfying, provided that this is your sort of thing.
Saw X is both old and new, which very much works in its favor. Taking place in the early days of the series, when the central character was still alive (remember, there have now been seven follow ups to the third installment, where he died), this one is able to fill in blanks, while also telling a different kind of a story. Here, you’re with Bell’s character throughout, which is a notable difference. Not only is his presence a real boon to the work, it almost makes for a bit of nostalgia. Overall, this is an upper echelon Saw film.
Also Available This Week
The Expendables: 4-Film Collection
Heroes: The Complete Collection (TV)
The Swearing Jar
What Remains
Who Are You People
*No Criterion Collection releases this week, but that section will be back next week, so sit tight!*
Stay tuned for more next week…


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