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Dune Part Two
Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two has many saying it’s one of the best science fiction movies in history, and after seeing it, it’s hard to say that’s hyperbole. So far, the numbers appear to be bearing that out.
While its extremely high Rotten Tomatoes audience and critic scores are great, the more impressive number is what it’s currently doing on IMDB, where current figures have it at a 9.0/10 after 63,000 reviews have already been counted. That’s a full 52% of all ratings at a 10/10.
In the context of IMDB, it’s a pretty astonishing number. As it stands, that puts Dune: Part Two in the top 10 of all time. Not just sci-fi movies, all movies. It’s actually tied with a bunch at that 9.0, but those others have many, many more reviews in, which is makes the number harder to maintain. So I’m counting it at eighth. The list is:

Again, it’s possible this drops over time, as the most enthusiastic viewers have probably watched first. IMDB also skews a bit more geek culture-focused. Like is The Dark Knight the third best movie ever made? Probably not. But still, Dune Part Two being where it is is extremely impressive, and is being rewarded critically and commercially, looking to double the first film’s hauls across many categories.
It stands to reason that we are looking at Villeneuve being able to get Dune: Messiah made, which he wants to be the third part of the trilogy, even if the book source material is…somewhat more questionable. But the “holy war” has begun at the end of Dune Part 2, and I have no doubt that now everyone wants to see the conclusion realized. I’ve seen some compare the nearly-finished Dune trilogy as something to akin to the original Star Wars trilogy as a force of nature. I’m not a hundred percent sure we’re quite there yet (the first film really did not spark devotion quite like this), but I can’t rule it out, and yes, without question it’s one of the best sci-fi movies ever made, no matter how you want to shuffle the order around.
As for the IMDB list, we’ll see how it does over time, but even as a starting point it is extremely impressive, and well-deserved.
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