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Love stories like “Upgraded” and J.Lo’s cinematic original are choice picks this month
The month of love and Leap Day includes films for all kinds of feelings — love, humor, fear and more — on Amazon Prime Video’s streaming slate. Yes indeed it’s February, and Prime Video has a lot of new movies to choose from. Lopez steers two new selections in her long lineage of romantic films from “Maid in Manhattan” to “Marry Me” to “Shotgun Wedding.” Now she gets to tell her own love story, set to accompany her new album, “This Is Me…Now.”
Those more in the mood for romantic comedies should check out Carlson Young’s new feature film “Upgraded” starring Camila Mendes and Archie Renaux surrounded by the world of art history and wealth, or summer smash hit “Bottoms” starring Rachel Sennott and Ayo Edebiri.
Here are the seven best new movies to stream on Amazon Prime Video in February.
Archie Renaux (“Shadow and Bone”) and Camila Mendes (“Riverdale,” “Do Revenge”) lead the refreshing romantic comedy “Upgraded.” Centered around Ana (Mendes), an aspiring art curator who feels stuck in an unpaid trainee program, the film shakes things up when she accidentally spills her drink on William (Renaux) and the two bond on their flight to England. Marisa Tomei challenges Ana as an intimidating boss along the lines of Meryl Streep’s Miranda in “The Devil Wears Prada.” Viewers get the sense that Ana can barely juggle the growing lie she told William with their whirlwind romance as well as Claire’s nearly impossible demands. – Dessi Gomez
Jennifer Lopez’s latest album comes with a cinematic original that visually tells the story of what inspired her album. The songs run through the film set to scenes like a beating heart factory, therapy sessions and insight into Lopez’s love life from personified astrological entities like Jane Fonda as Sagittarius, Trevor Noah as Libra, Keke Palmer as Scorpio, Jennifer Lewis as Gemini, Kim Petras as Virgo, Post Malone as Leo and Sofia Vergara as Cancer. Lopez brings her disciplined dance moves to the film as well, bringing life to the emotions in her songs. A surprise documentary accompanies the cinematic original to show how it was made (and originally self-financed by Lopez herself). – Dessi Gomez
Those who watch “This Is Me…Now: A Love Story” may be curious about how the cinematic accompaniment to Jennifer Lopez’s new album came together, and they need look no further than this documentary for a double feature or next-day watch. Lopez’s vision was clear to her and to husband Ben Affleck (who cameos in “This Is Me…Now: A Love Story”), but not immediately to guest stars like Jane Fonda. The documentary takes viewers behind the scenes to see how Lopez cast the 12 zodiac celebrities (names like Taylor Swift were thrown out), and addressesd the budget and problems that arose during production. – Dessi Gomez
One of the highlight comedy films of the summer of 2023 — Emma Seligman’s “Bottoms” tells a queer love story that follows the plot of “Fight Club.” Co-written by Seligman, who directs, and Rachel Sennott, who stars as main character PJ, the comedy follows two unpopular teens — PJ and Josie (Ayo Edebiri) — as they plot a way to win over their popular crushes, Brittany (Kaia Gerber) and Isabel (Havana Rose Liu). They start a fight club that also draws girls actually hoping to learn self-defense. Chaperoned by Mr. G (Marshawn Lynch), the group gets gory quickly while also addressing emotions. The antics of the Rockbridge Falls football team — led by Jeff (Nicolas Galitzine) and Tim (Miles Fowler) — also factor into this laugh-out-loud comedy. – Dessi Gomez
First, a warning: “Strays” is not fun for the whole family. Instead, it is a hard R-rated comedy that just so happens to star talking dogs voiced by Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx. Ferrell plays Reggie, a Border terrier whose horrible owner (Will Forte) abandons him. Fueled by revenge, he teams up with Bug (Jamie Foxx), Maggie (Isla Fisher) and Hunter (Randall Park) to go after Reggie’s former owner and punish him accordingly. Directed by Josh Greenbaum, whose “Barb and Star Go to Vista del Mar” and documentary “Too Funny to Fail” have made him one of the more exciting voices in comedy, “Strays” is an absolute scream. When released late last summer, “Strays” was a box office and critical disappointment. But it’s ripe for reappraisal. If ever a movie was deserving of a cult classic-worthy reappraisal, it’s “Strays.” – Drew Taylor
One of last year’s very best animated features, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem” does the unthinkable – it makes the characters (who have been a part of the pop culture consciousness for the past 40 years) actually seem fresh and new, mostly by emphasizing the teenage part of the title. Director Jeff Rowe, who co-directed “The Mitchells vs. the Machines,” leaned into an art style that felt like the notebook doodles of bored teenagers and he cast actual teenagers in the main roles (Micah Abbey, Shamon Brown Jr., Nicolas Cantu and Brady Noon) – a decision that was, incredibly, a first for the franchise. Even Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross got in on the actual, contributing a jangly original score that was inspired by teenage garage bands. (There are a number of amazing ‘90s R&B hits that populate the soundtrack, including an amazing montage set to Blackstreet’s immortal “No Diggity.”) The movie is such a joyous, jubilant blast. It’s impossible to watch “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem” without the biggest smile on your face. – Drew Taylor
Jordan Peele’s horror film starring Daniel Kaluuya is a must-watch for fans of the director and the genre. From the iconic sunken place scene to that unforgettable ending, “Get Out” is a horror film about what it is to be Black in America. Kaluyaa who plays Chris Washington, a young man who visits his white girlfriend’s family for the first time in a suburban community. The entire Armitage family —Allison Williams as daughter and Chris’ girlfriend Rose, Bradley Whitford as Dean, Catherine Keener as Missy and Caleb Landry Jones as Jeremy — feels off, and it creates a suspenseful space that will have you on the edge of your seat until the end. Lakeith Stanfield also appears as Andre Logan King, as do Betty Gabriel as Georgina and Lil Rel Howery as Rod Williams. Peele won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for the film.

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