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Peacock is one of the more unheralded streaming services in the modern landscape, but that’s not necessarily because the platform lacks good stuff to watch. Between its lineup of old shows and movies and the new content that hits the service pretty regularly, there’s plenty of stuff to check out on Peacock, even if it doesn’t have the same massive subscriber base as Netflix.
If you’ve gone through all of the most obvious titles on the platform, though, you might find yourself looking for something a little more underrated. If that’s the case, we’ve lined up three great underrated titles on Peacock that are worth checking out.
Ryan Gosling’s ability to shift from broad comedy to subtle drama has made him one of the most versatile leading men of the past two decades, and Half Nelson features some of his finest work. Here, Gosling plays a middle school history teacher who is well-liked by his students but spends his free time feeding a heroin addiction.
When one of his students catches him, the two form an unlikely bond as he attempts to act as something of a mentor to her. The movie is a pretty quiet, understated character study, but Gosling is thoroughly compelling from start to finish and earned his first Oscar nomination for the role. Fans of his work in Barbie may be surprised by this movie, but it’s too good not to check out.
Few movies have captured what it’s like to live on the edge of economic disaster better than 99 Homes. Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man) plays a desperate construction worker who takes a job working for the ruthless real estate broker who evicted his family from their home.
The movie is about what it means to let yourself be corrupted and about the ways in which you can find yourself becoming the person you swore you hated. 99 Homes is a fairly blunt instrument, but it’s effective precisely because it’s not hard to understand. Exploitation is just part of the game, and you can either get taken advantage of or be the one taking advantage.
A darkly funny story about fandom run amuck, Big Fan tells the story of a massive sports fan who finds himself totally dispirited when he meets his idols and realizes they aren’t who he thought they were. Patton Oswalt (I Love My Dad) stars and delivers one of the finest performances of his career.
What makes Big Fan work, though, is how it taps into how regular people can become totally invested in things they have no control over. Every fan can understand what it’s like to believe in something and be crushed by the eventual realization that the things you love don’t always love you back.
Now that there are ads on Prime Video, watching films on that platform is essentially the same experience as watching them on Amazon Freevee. The key difference is that Freevee lets movie lovers enjoy films without subscribing to Amazon Prime. And these days, it’s rare for a major streamer to have any kind of option for people who don’t want to spend any money.
Free movies are always welcome, if the titles are actually good. Freevee may have wide selection, but the vast majority of its action titles are of the direct-to-DVD variety. We had to really dig deep into the Freevee library to find the three underrated action movies on Amazon Freevee that you should watch in February. And if you don’t mind watching a few commercials, you can easily get your action fix for the month.
The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017)
Thankfully, LGBTQ+ content is more readily available these days, largely thanks to streaming. No longer do audiences have to settle for tortured gay romances: the best LGBTQ+ movies on Netflix include a healthy mix of dramas, comedies, rom-coms, and even the occasional genre movie, from horror to sci-fi, meaning there actually is something for everyone. These films feature strong and compelling LGBTQ+ stories and characters that will make many in their audience feel seen and heard.
New movies come to Netflix every week, meaning there’s a consistent and varied collection of queer-themed films for audiences to enjoy. With Oscar-nominated originals, critically acclaimed classics, quiet romantic dramas, sweet romantic comedies, and even some steamy films, Netflix’s ever-expanding library has everything fans of queer cinema could ask for. With so much to choose from, it might be tedious to search for just one title. Luckily for you, we’ve pulled together a list of the best LGBTQ-themed movies on Netflix right now.
As we’ve mentioned before, Peacock doesn’t tend to hang on to its movies for very long. Last month’s big additions, Fight Club, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Hell or High Water, have already left Peacock behind. Fortunately, a new batch of movies has arrived on Peacock. And on February 16, Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer will make its streaming debut seven months after it first hit theaters.
Peacock has a lot of Nolan’s films this month, including The Dark Knight trilogy and Inception, but we’re throwing the spotlight on Dunkirk because it’s a better companion movie for Oppenheimer. Our other picks for the month include Braveheart and Fatal Attraction. But that’s just the beginning of our complete roundup of the best movies on Peacock right now. You can find the rest of our picks below.
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