Car plunges into sinkhole in Vancouver street: ‘It felt like the movies’ – Fox 12 Oregon

VANCOUVER Wash. (KPTV) – A sinkhole opened in a Vancouver intersection near downtown early Saturday morning, according to a city spokesperson.
Around 1:15 a.m., authorities responded to Washington Street and West 30th Street after reports that a car had gone into a sinkhole. Authorities say the front end of the car had fallen in.
Katlynn Bicknell says she and her boyfriend Kevin went out to grab a bite to eat Friday night and were on their way home.
“It felt like the movies, like being in a movie,” Bicknell said. “We turned right on to Washington and soon as we turned in, went straight into the hole like it felt like being on a roller coaster when you go down the big dip and the car just started to fill with water.”
The car was stuck in a gaping hole with gallons of bubbling water.
“I’m just saying, ‘what do we do? What do we do? What do we do?’ like over and over,” she said.
Bicknell tried to open her door, pushing against the rushing water.
“The door forcefully went back, but my leg was still halfway in the car and smacked against the side of the door and the rest of the car,” she said. “By that time Kevin was there to help me so he was also able to get my leg free.”
She said Kevin was able to open both their windows and she crawled out that way.
She said she immediately called 911 and while waiting for first responders, they were left standing on the side of the road watching Kevin’s newly paid-off car sink further and further in.
“It just kept filling with water more and more, like, we watched it go over the steering wheel, almost all the way up to the rearview mirror,” Bicknell said.
Left with a few bumps and bruises Bicknell said she’s grateful the situation didn’t end up any worse.
“Just be vigilant and always watch for moving water – standing water because you don’t know what’s underneath the road.”
The city spokesperson said Vancouver Public Works responded to close the road and handle the sinkhole.
No further details are available at this time.
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