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Telling the story of a real crash that left 16 survivors stranded in the Andes, Society of the Snow is one of the most exciting new movies coming to Netflix in early 2024. The film has already earned rave reviews after playing at several prominent film festivals, and it’s the kind of survival epic that can feel all too uncommon in the modern movie landscape.
If you’ve checked out Society of the Snow, which hits Netflix on January 4, and you’re looking for other titles that may offer something similar, then you’re in luck. We’ve put together a list of three great survival epics that are sure to remind you of the thrills that Society of the Snow provides.
This is definitely the most obvious movie to check out if you’ve already seen Society of the Snow, as it’s an Americanized version of the same story. In Alive, the survivors stranded in the Andes are played by Hollywood stars like Ethan Hawke (Leave the World Behind) and Josh Hamilton, but all of the same details are there, and it manages to be pretty harrowing in its own right.
Society of the Snow is definitely going to get credit for being more authentic about casting actors who are actually Argentinian and Chilean, but if you’re looking for a solid popcorn version of this story, which still includes the decision to eat the dead passengers to survive, then you could do much worse than Alive.
Alive can be rented or purchased at digital vendors like Apple TV.
Telling the true story of the harrowing hostage situation that ensued after a commercial ship was commandeered by Somali pirates, Captain Phillips chronicles what that hostage situation was like from both the crew’s perspective and that of the pirates.
Thanks to career-best work from Tom Hanks (A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood) in the lead role, we get a sense of the way the trauma of this incident slowly builds into something almost impossible to deal with. Captain Phillips is tense for the entirety of its run time, thanks in large part to the central performances, as well as director Paul Greengrass’ decision to almost solely focus on what was happening on the boat.
Captain Phillips is streaming for free on Freevee.
Both profoundly beautiful and deeply harrowing, Gravity tells the fictional story of an astronaut who finds herself stranded following an accident in space. The stunning visual effects that this film employs are a huge part of its success, as is Sandra Bullock’s hugely committed central performance as a woman who is just trying to find a way to get back to Earth.
The genius of Gravity comes from its technical wizardry, and from Alfonso Cuarón’s instinctive understanding of how to tell this story. It’s incredibly short and compact, especially for a movie of this scale, which is a huge part of the reason it resonated so widely upon its release.
Gravity is streaming on Netflix.
Netflix is home to some truly quality entertainment. Since the release of its critically acclaimed war movie Beasts of No Nation, the streamer has built a strong library, especially in the dramatic genre. The best dramas on Netflix include several high-profile star vehicles, underrated gems, international offerings, and even a few award contenders that took the streamer all the way to the Dolby Theater. Revered directors like Martin Scorsese, Alfonso Cuarón, Jane Campion, and David Fincher have all worked with Netflix, cementing it as the king of the streaming world.
However, because of Netflix’s wide and diverse collection of quality films, it might be difficult for you to choose just one, especially because they’re not all as high-quality as others. To save you some time and effort, we’ve compiled a list of the best dramas on Netflix right now.
Netflix may be a treasure trove when it comes to content, but it doesn’t have everything. Thankfully, we’ve also curated a list of the best dramas on Hulu and the best drama shows on Amazon Prime Video.
Once Christmas is over, it’s over; most people don’t want to hear another Christmas carol or see tinsel again for at least 11 months, and possibly more. And certainly, very few are in the mood to watch It’s a Wonderful Life’s George Bailey walk through Bedford Falls again or see Home Alone’s Kevin McCallister act all cute while violently defending his parents’ Chicago mansion.
To that end, Digital Trends has fashioned a handy list of three shows all set in or produced in Great Britain and all focusing on the most un-Christmas genre of them all: crime. The following selections include a criminally (pardon the pun) underrated Irish series made by the BBC, a limited Netflix series starring Maestro’s Carey Mulligan, and one of the finest modern dramas ever made.
Family movie night is sacred, and you don’t want to waste it scrolling a streaming library, which is why we curate this list of the best family movies on Netflix. Skip the navigation and just check this list instead!
We update every month with the best new family-friendly additions so you always know what’s most worth your time. This January, an underrated animated flick and a properly rated musical phenomenon join the library.
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