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Last month, you probably watched the new Christmas movie Candy Cane Lane with Eddie Murphy and Tracee Ellis Ross on Amazon Prime Video. Or maybe you decided to watch something non-holiday themed, like the intense movie Copshop or the comedy 17 Again. This month, it’s time to start fresh. What movie should you watch?
Sure, you can choose from a high-profile title like Everything Everywhere All At Once or Air. But if you want something that you can call your own little hidden gem to share with friends and family members at the next gathering, look to these three underrated movies on Prime Video you need to watch in January.
A historical comedy-drama based on a screenplay, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris stars Lesley Manville as Mrs. Ada Harris, a widowed cleaning lady who becomes obsessed with a haute couture Dior dress one of her clients has. Such an extravagant piece of clothing is out of Mrs. Harris’s budget. That is until she receives the pension from her widowed husband. She decides she deserves to treat herself and heads to Paris to find a Dior dress of her own.
Set in London in 1957, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris received rave reviews, with critics calling it a charming, old-fashioned story. The film is the third adaptation of the Paul Gallico novel Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris. It earned a Golden Globe nomination for Manville and an Academy Award nomination for Best Costume Design.
Stream Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris on Prime Video.
Set in the 1950s in New Mexico and loosely based on the Kecksburg UFO incident and disappearances in Foss Lake, The Vast of Night is about a young switchboard operator and radio DJ who discover a strange audio frequency. They realize it could actually be coming from extraterrestrial beings.
A sci-fi mystery, The Vast of Night has been praised for its performances, direction, cinematography, and authenticity to the subject material. It was the debut film for director Andrew Patterson, who also co-produced and wrote the movie (using a pseudonym for the latter). He is working on his second project, The Rivals of Amaziah King, which is set to star Matthew McConaughey and Kurt Russell.
Stream The Vast of Night on Prime Video.
Has Joaquin Phoenix ever made a bad movie? The Joker actor stars in You Were Never Really Here, a neo-noir crime psychological thriller based on the Jonathan Ames novel of the same name. Phoenix plays Joe, a traumatized mercenary who is hired by a politician to rescue his kidnapped daughter. Joe is given carte blanche to decimate the human trafficking network by any means necessary.
Not surprisingly, Phoenix is a stand-out in the movie, which is described as being deeply intense, the entire way through. As far as hitman thrillers go, You Were Never Really Here is up there among the best. Yet it’s sorely underrated and worth a watch.
Stream You Were Never Really Here on Prime Video.
Now that 2023 and the holiday season is finally over, you can shelve those Christmas movies for another 11 months and get back to enjoying other, less festive types of films. But now comes the question: what to watch? Rom-coms are feel-good movies that are watchable at any time of the year. When you’re in the mood for one, there’s nothing like cuddling up to check out something hilariously romantic.
The 3 rom-coms on Prime Video you need to watch in January include two movies and a fabulous anthology series with an impressive episodic cast. Released in 2019, you might have flipped by Modern Love over and over but never stopped and thought to watch. Now might be the perfect time.
Congrats My Ex! (2023)
Congrats My Ex Trailer | Prime Video
Another year, another chance to find and consume some undeniable gems on your favorite streaming services. As you get back to your normal routine, there’s still plenty of opportunity to find interesting movies on a streaming service like Hulu, which has built up a very respectable library of movies over the years. One of those films is Pig, a recent Nicolas Cage movie that broke out in a major way, and for good reason.
The movie follows a man living in rural Oregon who tries to hunt down the people responsible for kidnapping his pig. While it may sound like Cage’s riff on John Wick, Pig turns out to have much more profound, beautiful ideas at its center.
It’s Nicolas Cage’s best performance in decades
Pig Trailer #1 (2021) | Movieclips Trailers
Telling the story of a real crash that left 16 survivors stranded in the Andes, Society of the Snow is one of the most exciting new movies coming to Netflix in early 2024. The film has already earned rave reviews after playing at several prominent film festivals, and it’s the kind of survival epic that can feel all too uncommon in the modern movie landscape.
If you’ve checked out Society of the Snow, which hits Netflix on January 4, and you’re looking for other titles that may offer something similar, then you’re in luck. We’ve put together a list of three great survival epics that are sure to remind you of the thrills that Society of the Snow provides.
Alive (1993)
Alive (1993) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers
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