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Evan Williams, Sadie LaFlamme-Snow, Chyler Leigh and Andie MacDowell in “The Way Home.”
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Hallmark is kicking off 2024 with five new movies. The network’s January celebration, “New Year, New Movies,” will include the sophomore season of “The Way Home,” which premieres on the Hallmark channel on Jan. 21, as well as the premiere of a new mystery movie series, “True Justice.”
Here are the five new Hallmark movies (and one television premiere) coming to the network in January.

Stars: Ashley Newbrough and Marcus Rosner.
Summary: While struggling to qualify for the next major golf tournament in Europe, Whitney (Newbrough) has growing concerns she must retire from her professional golf career. For time away from work, Whitney returns home to Budapest, where her family owns a golf course. She discovers her father has become a hermit in the years since his wife died and has passed most his responsibilities onto Daniel (Rosner), a laid-back golf pro. Daniel’s casual methods frustrate Whitney at first but as they grow closer, sparks fly.
Premieres: Saturday, Jan. 6, at 6 p.m. MST.
Stars: Katherine McNamara, Markian Tarasiuk, Nikki DeLoach and Benjamin Ayres.
Summary: Determined to free her wrongfully convicted brother, law school student (McNamara) teams up with her friends to prove his innocence. To clear his name, they must find the real killer — a quest that becomes increasingly dangerous.
Premieres: Friday, Jan. 12 at 7 p.m. MST.
Erica Durance, James Mackenzie, Jack Stewart and Jordan Young in “A Scottish Love Scheme.”
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Stars: Erica Durance and Jordan Young.
Summary: Lily (Durance) goes on a trip to Scotland with her mother. While there, she reconnects with a childhood friend, Logan (Young) — little do the pair know, their nosey mothers have plans to matchmake them.
Premieres: Saturday, Jan. 13 at 6 p.m. MST.
Marco Grazzini and Laci J Mailey in “Betty’s Bad Luck in Love.”
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Stars: Laci J. Mailey and Marco Grazzini.
Summary: As a young girl, Betty (Mailey) was cursed to fail at romance. All of her romantic relationships have disastrous endings, but then she meets Alex (Grazzini). Though apprehensive, Betty chooses to give love one more chance with the hope the right man will break the curse.
Premieres: Saturday, Jan. 20 at 6 p.m. MST.
Stars: Andie MacDowell, Chyler Leigh, Evan Williams and Sadie Laflamme-Snow.
Summary: “The Way Home” comes back to Hallmark for its sophomore season. The family series follows three generations of women living together in Port Haven, a small farming community. Together, the women embark on a journey of self-discovery.
Premieres: Sunday, Jan. 21 at 6 p.m. MST.
Romance With A Twist Sees Jocelyn Hudon & Olivier Renaud In The Air On Hallmark #Hallmark #HallmarkChannel #HallmarkChannelMovieNews
Stars: Jocelyn Hudon and Oliver Renaud.
Summary: Luna (Hudon) swapped out her professional dance career for a more grounded life as manager over her family’s construction business. When given the opportunity to renovate a gym for aerial performers, Luna finds time to practice her own dance moves. Unbeknownst to Luna, a professional aerialist, Bennet (Renaud), catches her. Impressed with her skills, Bennet recruits Luna to perform with him.
Premieres: Saturday, Jan. 27 at 6 p.m. MST.

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