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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – A Lexington native aims to put his hometown on the map in the entertainment industry.
James Turley grew up off Georgetown Street. He is proud to be from Lexington and hopes to make a difference in the entertainment industry here, not just for himself but for other local artists too.
“Everybody else has a market,” said James Turley. “New York has a market, Florida has a market, Tennessee, Texas. Everybody has a market. Lexington is untouched.”
James Turley has been creating music for 20 years.
“Always want to perfect the craft,” said Turley.
His years of experience led him to launch his own music label.
“Let’s get our music out there,” said Turley. “What’s the best way to get our music out there? Create a visual. Let’s create a series because music videos are something that everybody’s doing. So, let’s go outside the norm. Let’s create a series.”
The series features nine other local artists and their work and some familiar sites.
“You’re gonna see a lot of Georgetown Street, and you get to see some of Masterson Station,” said Turley.
His vision goes beyond just music.
“We’re looking to bring concerts here. We’re looking to have artists meet up with major artists,” said Turley. We’re looking to maybe sign an artist.”
He’s creating an entertainment company, Turley Marshall Video Productions, that’s home-based.
“I want to be somebody who creates a path. So, that’s just something I do,” said Turley. “I create my own path.”
Through hard work, he’s creating a pathway to serve generations to come.
“I always say that I don’t dream,” said Turley.” You know, I wasn’t sleeping when this happened. This is more of a reality. I just woke up and said you know what, let’s go with something different. This is where it all begins.”
James is hosting a premier for his first three episodes at the Lyric Theater on January 12th. Here is where you can buy tickets.
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